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UI Mechanics of a Date Picker

Choosing dates using a date picker has been one of the most commonly followed design trends across a plethora of websites. In order to make this process a lot more intuitive and seamless I decided to work on a few different options for picking dates.

Making Selected Button States Clear for Color Blind Users

Color communicates a lot on user interfaces. But not as much for color blind users. They often have trouble distinguishing between different colored objects. If you only use color as a visual cue for your buttons, it’ll make it hard to tell what the selected state is.

Os papéis em um time de UX -

Como vimos no modelo de Jesse James Garrett para os elementos da experiência do usuário, muitas são as disciplinas envolvidas no processo. Nesse contexto e em termos de mercado, é importante mapear como as empresas com grande foco em UX estão montando e recrutando os seus times.