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PHP Generators – A Guide and Tutorial

In my in-depth guide about iterators I talked about what iterators are exactly and how you can use them. At the end I told you that I’ll also write one for generators. Here it is.

How to add anchor tag to a URL from text input

I am using PHP on the server-side, and Javascript (with jQuery) on client, so should I wait to check for URL until right before it is displayed? Or add the anchor tag before inserting it in the database? First, a request. Don't do this before writing the data to the database.

Awesome PHP

Single file PHP script that adds a REST API to a MySQL InnoDB database. Alternatively SQLite 3, PostgreSQL 9 and MS SQL Server 2012 are fully supported. TextGenerator is a PHP package that aims to generate automated texts from data.

Five Composer Tips Every PHP Developer Should Know

Composer is the way that that PHP developers manage libraries and their dependencies. Previously, developers mainly stuck to existing frameworks. If you were a Symfony developer, you used Symfony and libraries built around it. You didn’t dare cross the line to Zend Framework.


Fakerino is a fake data generator framework fully extensible. For more information about installation, features, support, contribution, or other, please read the Fakerino docs.