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Jenkins Best Practices

Continuous Integration with automated test execution has seen broad adoption in recent years. The ideas behind Continuous Integration have changed how companies look at Build Management, Release Management, Deployment Automation, and Test Orchestration.

Try Objective-C

Learn the basics of iOS development with the Objective-C language. Start learning to develop iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps by building a foundation on Objective-C. Eric is a late bloomer who got his first computer in college and fell in love with programming.

Explore and Master Chrome DevTools

Play Video Explore and Master Chrome DevTools Start Course x Sponsored by Google Sponsored by Code School What You'll Learn in This Course: Chapter 1: Getting Started & Basic DOM and Styles Chapter 2: Advanced DOM and Styles Chapter 3: Working With the Console Chapter 4: Debugging J

Como trabalhar com tags no Git

Neste artigo, darei dicas de como trabalhar com tags no Git. O primeiro deles, do qual já falei aqui, são branches. Quando mudamos de um branch para outro, estamos na verdade utilizando o rótulo descritivo para identificar o commit específico para qual mudar.