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Changing a user's groups programatically

There are times when you might want to modify a given user, when that user is NOT logged in. You need admin access to do this, however you don't want to give the current user (or guest user) admin priviledges. You can do this by creating a new CmsObject as guest and then logging it in as admin.

Using OpenCms's Database connection pool

OpenCms delivers a mechanism to include additional databases, that can be accessed from within OpenCms via the Opencms-SqlManager, the database connection pool. The pool contains all the information to access the database and an identifier, that is used in your jsp's to access the the database.


Integrating Apache Struts and OpenCms is possible. There are a number of posts on the opencms-dev Mailinglist discussing this problem.

WebDAV access to the OpenCms VFS

For WebDAV, all you need is in CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/web.xml, the other servlet context should be disabled. Describes the entries made in the web.xml file of OpenCms to activate or deactivate the WebDAV protocol or to change the behavior.

WebDAV clients

If you only want to browse and view the files and folders inside OpenCms, you can access OpenCms through WebDAV with a web browser. Open your favorite web browser and point to url of the OpenCms WebDAV servlet (see "Using WebDAV"). Now you will be asked for a user name and a password.

OpenCms 8 tutorials at opencms-wiki.org

We updated the HowTos section at http://opencms-wiki.org with the most valuable tutorials on essential OpenCms 8 concepts. Learn how to build container templates, mobile templates and Plug & Play modules for OpenCms 8 and how to upgrade from OpenCms 7.

OpenCms ANT Build

OpenCms ANT Build allows to build OpenCms modules from a build tree (e.g. in your IDE) which then may be installed on your OpenCms server. It contains 2 ANT task for scripting custom build processes. A sample tree with build.xml is included. Be the first to post a review of OpenCms ANT Build!

OpenCms Module-Manager

This script is aimed at developing modules for OpenCms, importing them to your java-project, editing them in your IDE and exporting them back to the VFS of OpenCms. I extendend the "OpenCms ANT Build" with a little AntForm and the possibility to deploy modules via scp and sshexec.

Creating Plug and Play Modules for OpenCms

This document explains in brief how to create reusable, template-independent modules for OpenCms 8.0.1 or later. Imagine you want to create a "plug & play" module that defines only one resource type. Lets call the module "mymodule" and the module's resource type "my_content"