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Dump MySQL no Windows

Estou sem postar últimamente devido alguns problemas que ainda não terminaram, mas hooje estarei ensinando a fazer um “Dump” no MySQL. OBJETIVO: Fazer backup de um determinado banco de dados no MySQL, sendo feito no Windows pelo prompt de comandos (CMD).

How to Connect to MySQL via SSH Tunnel in Windows

If you want to connect to MySQL server from "outside", not from Plone, you have to build SSH tunnel to connect. Open PuTTY, specify Host Name, which is a server name that can be found at your Quintagroup account (https://my.quintagroup.com/username). This is something like login.quintagroup.

Tuning MySQL

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How To Repair Corrupted MySQL Tables Using myisamchk

MyISAM is the default storage engine for MySQL database. MyISAM table gets corrupted very easily. In this article, I’ll explain how to use myisamchk to identify and fix table corruption in MyISAM. When a table is created under MySQL, it creates three different files: *.