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Joomla Templates & Extensions Club

If you produce and/or maintain multiple joomla website, you and your customers cannot afford downtime. The Gold license means no more annual renewals and ongoing access to our knowledgeable staff via support forum or helpdesk for timely solutions should you encounter any problems.

Advanced F2C features

Form2Content is an extremely powerful tool that works really well with some other extensions and Smarty plugin codes. Making the F2C article templates is relatively easy once you get the nack of using the F2C Template parameters. Smarty has very basic syntax for most features like {if}{else} etc.

Content Construction

While being an easy-to-use, quick and powerful content construction kit that everybody understands, ContentBuilder fills the gap between cracks and regular Joomla! users, who finally want to get the advantages of a CCK -- Check out our demos and videos! ...

Extend Your Content Types Using CCK For Joomla

In this post we will introduce to you several CCKs you can consider to use to empower your Joomla site. First of all, using a content construction kit gives you more features, flexibility, control over any sort of content, structure and layout than the core of Joomla itself can do.

10 Reasons Why Your Joomla Website Got Hacked

We have at least 3 times every week where a customer comes to us with a hacked Joomla website. Usually, the Joomla website will be either filled with hidden malicious content, is redirected to another website with malicious content, has all its data erased, or is simply does not show up.