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How to Set a CNAME for an Amazon S3 Bucket

If you want to use Amazon S3 to share files publicly for your website or to allow downloads, etc, you might want a URL that’s prettier than the default that will be something like images.havecamerawilltravel.com.s3.amazonaws.com. I might, for instance, just want to be able to use the URL images.

Amazon Web Services Blog

IntroductionAmazon CloudFront's network of edge locations (currently 30, with more in the works) gives you the ability to distribute static and streaming content to your users at high speed with low latency.

PHP Developer Center

Os desenvolvedores de PHP acharão ambas as versões do AWS SDK para PHP naturais e fáceis de usar. No entanto, o AWS SDK para PHP 2 irá, ao longo do tempo, substituir o SDK inicial e oferecer vantagens significativas, como: