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Document how to configure Drupal for reverse proxies

Drupal forms are broken (using the wrong URLs!) if driving Drupal behind a reverse proxy and the URL paths are different on reverse proxy and origin server. Typical scenario is that Drupal is publically reached via http://www.example.

Using a load balancer or reverse proxy

When running large Drupal installations, you may find yourself with a web server cluster that lives behind a load balancer. The pages here contain tips for configuring Drupal in this setup, as well as example configurations for various load balancers.

Add AJAX to a Webform in Drupal 7

The Webform module is wonderful. It provides us a quick and easy way to add forms to our site, and takes care of the form handling. And, it’s all done through an easy to use GUI. With the release of Drupal 7, the Form API got tweaked a bit.

Theming Exposed Filters Forms

I'm having trouble theming the Exposed Filter form. All I want to do is change the Submit button label to 'Search'. Following the Drupal 6 Override and Intercept idea, I've added the following to my theme: Upon clearing the cache, this changes the text of the submit button.

Drupal 7 Template (Theme Hook) Suggestions

Theme hook suggestions are made based on these factors, listed from the most specific template to the least. Drupal will use the most specific template it finds: For example, "block--block--1.tpl.

Design para o tema Drupal / blog da mmda

Agora chegou a hora de abordar técnicas que vão além do Drupal ou do CMS que você escolheu para o seu projeto. Qualquer projeto de interface Web deve contemplar parte das técnicas que vou apresentar aqui.

GeSHi Filter for syntax highlighting

The GeShi Filter module provides a filter for source code syntax highlighting for a wide range of languages. Source code can be entered with for example <code type="java">...</code> or <blockcode language="python">...</blockcode>. Starting from version 5.x-2.

Syntax Highlighter

This module integrates the SyntaxHighlighter Javascript Library into Drupal for source code list syntax highlighting within any Drupal contents. Note: the SyntaxHighlighter Javascript library is not included and must be downloaded and installed in sites/all/libraries. See README.

LinkedIn Integration

This module provides integration with the LinkedIn API. At the moment it supports the following features: See the README file for more detailed installation and configuration instruction. More features will be added as the LinkedIn API exposes them.


This module provides API integration with the Twitter microblogging service and (theoretically) API-compatible alternatives like Identi.ca. Out of the box, it allow users to: If you only want to list tweets from a Twitter account, skip this section as you do not need to worry about it.