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Messaging Design Kit

A design kit for Sketch, containing everything you need to craft beautiful and functional rich messaging experiences.

Finding the right color palettes for data visualizations

Good color palettes are easy to come by, but finding the right color palette for data visualizations is challenging. At Graphiq, things are arguably made even more difficult because we need to convey information across thousands of unique data sets in many different types of visualization layouts.

Material Design Lite

The MDL components are created with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. You can use the components to construct web pages and web apps that are attractive, consistent, and functional.

Facebook Visual Identity

Facebook’s visual identity already had a lot going for it in 2008 when I started working there. They had chosen a bold and simple color scheme, had a simple well crafted wordmark, and had thankfully avoided the glossy web 2.0 aesthetic so prevalent at the time.

iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S)

Every time we create one of these files we notice just how much has changed. I’m not talking about the obvious stuff like iCloud, Siri or Notifications. I’m talking about the small stuff. It’s an eye-opening experience looking this closely at what makes up an interface.

Android 2.3.4 GUI PSD (High-Density)

Yes, we <3 Android, too! One of the challenges of an ever-changing digital channel, is that we find ourselves spending more and more time designing for various platforms and form factors. One such platform is Google Android.

Screenshot é coisa do passado

Tá aqui o PageLayers, que transforma uma página HTML que esteja aberta em seu navegador em um arquivo PSD, em um clique. Você baixa o arquivo, e as camadas já vêm separadas, prontas para serem editadas.

Ionut Zamfir – Creative Designer

My name is Ionut Zamfir, I'm 25 and I live in Bucharest, Romania. I have been designing web sites since 2007 and I love what I do. I specialize in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Corel Draw.