Go ahead and try it by clicking the "Demo" button above! For more documentation, checkout the official repo. If you're really feeling fiesty, you can check out the kid who made this.

How to build a Pokemon Go App

Back4app provides Parse server service to take care of your backend and APIs development. Parse also provides basic application activity APIs like Login-in, push notification, payment…etc.


This is a simple Wrapper around the ZipArchive methods with some handy functions. You can now access Zipper with the Zipper alias.

Pokemon Go IV Calculator — Poke Assistant

Find out if your Pokemon can be the best. This tool will tell you the IVs of the Pokemon. Leave the "Powered" field as "No" if you have not yet powered the Pokemon up. Refine results by searching again after powerup or evolution, see explanation. Change Language or try the New Pidgey Spammer Tool.

Brasil, País Digital

MITO: A inovação em dados me fará perder toda a privacidade. FATO: O sucesso da sociedade dos dados depende da confiança das pessoas, que devem sentir que suas informações particulares estão seguras.

Messaging Design Kit

A design kit for Sketch, containing everything you need to craft beautiful and functional rich messaging experiences.